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The Phoenix Race Support rider continues to use EBC’s components on his Yamaha R1

The Phoenix Race Support motorcycle racing team currently has two riders competing in the fiercely-fought No Limits Racing series – Paul Charman and Dave Williams.

With Williams currently out of action due to an injury, it was down to Charman to represent the team as the series headed to Lincolnshire’s Cadwell Park for the third round.

Charman entrusts EBC Brakes’ GPFAX sintered racing brake pads and X-Series floating discs on his Yamaha R1 race bike.

You can hear how the weekend unfolded in the team’s own words below.

“There have been many changes to the bike and Paul has changed his riding style. This has resulted in improved track and riding position. However, it was still going to be a tough weekend against some very fast seasoned Cadwell riders. 

“Paul is becoming a different rider every round and, to be honest, a totally different rider from a year ago. He as loads more to come – we talk constantly! I do push aspects and some may not be right, but if a rider is questioned and he analyses himself, tries many different things, then it’s all positive and that’s what continues to surface.”

Friday – Test Day

“We had nice weather for a change, and a new setup to try on the bike (from both Dave Ogden and Alex at AJR Suspension). This worked really well. A few gearing changes were made due to trying different geometry. This was to get the best out of the bike for the narrow Lincolnshire circuit. Unfortunately, we ran into quick shifter and blipper problems – this meant that both wouldn’t work until two laps into each session. 

“Due to this issue, we lost all of the afternoon sessions trying to fix the problem which we later found to be a broken wire.”


Saturday – Qualifying Saturday


“After not knowing if we had fully solved the problem with the bike, we went into qualifying after a considerable wait due to a serious accident in the qualifying session before. We take this opportunity to wish Luke all the very best for a speedy recovery. We later went out on slicks – with the track being mixed wet and dry – in an effort we to stay consistent and smooth. With the EBC GPFAX brake pads giving great feeling in the mixed conditions, we managed a 1:49.7 – placing us 10th  overall on the grid for race one.”


Sunday – Race 1


“This race was meant to go ahead Saturday afternoon but after the lengthy delays it was postponed to Sunday morning. The weather was raining so we had a wet track and no tyre gambles. 

“With wets on, we managed to finish 7th, hitting 1:46.1 with some good battles. This was the first time in the wet on the new engine/electrics. The bike felt ok, but we need to work with Parkitt Dyno Performance Centre on the wet map on the bike before our next round.”

Sunday – Race 2


“With the weather still changeable and still raining approximately 30 minutes before the race, we still had wets on the bike. However, the weather decided to change to a hot summer’s day.

“After a track inspection, we decided to go onto intermediates but as soon as they were on the bike Mr Craig Sharman, who had just finished his race, informed us that the track was 95% dry. This meant another tyre change again onto slicks. Unfortunately, with only 20 minutes of heat in the slicks, we had no other option but to go out on these tyres. On the grid there was a mixed bag of tyres from slicks, intermediates to wets.

“We made a good start and managed to get the tyres up to a good temperature but then it started to rain AGAIN! This held us back for a couple of laps whilst the wets and intermediates worked better. The rain eventually stopped on lap 4 and the track dried very quickly. Paul managed to pick up pace and pass a few riders, resulting in a final position of 7th and the best lap time was 1:36.6.”


Sunday – Race 3


“Glorious weather meant the slicks were fitted, our previous race lap time put us 5th on the grid but Paul made a poor start as the bike bogged down on him and he lost quite a few positions. Was a really good race with the EBC brakes giving great stopping power throughout, ending the race 10th, with a lap time of 1:32.9 on the result sheets which matches Paul’s PB but the dash showing 1:32.3 probably as he was alongside a bike on the finish line which is a PB.”

“Current championship position: 11th.

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