Apollo Series Brake Calipers

Our brand new UK designed and made lightweight but strong aluminium 4 and 6 piston brake calipers. Which can be purchased within a Big Brake Kit or as separate components for vehicle builders to convert cars where a dedicated BBK is not yet made by EBC.

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Machined from heat-treated low-pressure castings offering a large performance and strength advantage over conventional gravity cast calipers. Each caliper porosity checked, and pressure tested. – Hard anodised and high temperature lacquer coated (not a cheap powder coat that peels off and discolours under heat) All carried out here in the UK
High strength cast alloy bridge for extra rigidity
Serrated/Castellated nosed hard anodised aluminium pistons for reduced weight and improved heat dissipation
High tensile 12.9 grade steel bolts for reinforcement of the caliper bridge section inside support tube (or bridge) for improved rigidity and caliper stiffness also allowing quick and easy pad replacement
Stainless steel crossover pipe for perfect fluid distribution across 4/6 pistons
Dust boots to prevent water and dirt/debris ingress and behind these high temperature EPDM fluid seals
Stainless steel wear/abutment plates to keep uniformity in pad contact/movement under all conditions and prevent caliper damage due to pad thrust load
Stainless steel bleed nipples

Available in 3 other striking colours

*Pictured above in Racing Red

Luminous Yellow

Storm Shadow Blue

Stealth Black

EBC Brakes’ new Balanced Big Brake Kits represent the ultimate upgrade in braking performance, offering significant reductions in stopping distances whether used on road or on track.

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Balanced is Better™

Every aluminium caliper body is hard anodised for longevity and then coated in a high temperature paint.

Unlike most calipers on the market which are powder coated, the high-tech coating system used on EBC brake calipers is derived from the cookware market and is extremely durable and easy to wipe clean.

The coating will not crack under exposure to extreme heat, and the colour is resistant to fade due to high temperature or UV radiation, ensuring EBC calipers perform and look great for years.

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Product Information

  • FEA optimised lightweight aluminium caliper, reinforced with high-tensile steel bolts for maximum stiffness
  • Choice between full dust boot type seals for road use, or inner piston dust seals for track use
  • Designed, manufactured and assembled 100% in the UK

Product Features

  • High temperature fluid seals coupled with full boot type dust seals to give maximum protection against road grime and debris
  • Lightweight hard-anodised aluminium pistons with serrated piston noses that reduce heat transfer into the braking hydraulics
  • Staggered piston sizes to eliminate pad taper
  • FEA optimised geometry ensuring maximum body stiffness for minimum caliper weight
  • Hard-anodised caliper body for excellent corrosion resistance and extended caliper longevity
  • Every single brake caliper pressure tested to 2,500 psi
  • Full stainless-steel hardware and fittings, providing durability and longevity – this caliper will never rust
  • Single pad retention bolt allowing for rapid pad changes
  • Uses standard pad shapes, giving choice when selecting brake pads
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Engineered, manufactured & assembled in the UK

Apollo Series brake calipers are cast in UK, machined in the UK, painted in the UK and then assembled in the UK. Reinforcing the EBC philosophy of providing quality British made braking products yet at affordable prices.

With so many callipers in this segment of the market being bought in from far East, surely this is the ultimate testament to EBC’s devotion to quality. EBC are, and will always be a true champion of Great British engineering.

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