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EBC Brakes manufactures many of its rotor ranges in ISO and TÜV approved facilities in the UK or in Italy. Sadly the main UK foundry that supplied us a large percentage of our needs for many years has closed down ( as have all the 13 foundries we have used in the past in the USA – sad to see that happening) but we have accredited foundries now on line to ISO and BS5750 standards that we have now carefully selected and visited to replace the UK supplies as we continue our goal to bring only the finest products to our customers. Global supplies and facilities change with. We have to move with those changes but at EBC we are EXTREMELY careful as we do that.

All rotors including GD Sport Rotors are machined and finished in the UK or in the USA.


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Quality Castings For An Excellent Product

Where castings or finished rotors have been bought in to complement the range, the strictest quality controls you can imagine ensuring the safety and quality of the parts we sell. EBC adds value to its products by strictest quality controls and specifications and a 100% run out, metallurgy, and dimensional check, plus all USA sport rotors are slotted in housed at either at the Las Vegas facility of the USA operation or in the UK.

 All sport rotors are then balanced and runout inspected before release.

 EBC Brakes produces all of its GD series and USR discs with a long lasting corrosion resistant finish. The coating is either the world-famous thermic black which protects the off-brake areas of the rotor from corrosion such as inside the pad swept area and inside the hub.

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Thermic Black & Nitrotherm™

The wide aperture slots in the GD Sport Rotors series have been shown to reduce brake temperatures by up to 100 degrees by drawing cooling air beneath the brake pad under load. The super silent Ultimax USR slotted series also run cooler along with the new bi-directional BSD series.

All designs offer benefits such as:

  • Cooler brakes
  • Resistance to cracking is possible through drilled rotors
  • Water mud and debris are expelled from the brake area by the slot pattern which is fully machined to the edge of the rotor for this reason. (Slots that stop short of the rotor edge can cause pocketing of debris and generate a rib on the rotor outer edge.)
  • As the pad and rotor wear the slots maintain a perfectly flat and smooth pad surface and prevent rotor ribbing.

On a global scale, most EBC rotors are made from high quality G3000 or G3500 high carbon castings and 100% of these are precision machined , balanced and runout inspected in either the UK or the USA.


Dimple Drilled Rotor

The dimple drilled rotor was invented by EBC back in the 90’s and has been imitated by many because of its ability to offer pad degassing without “Through Drilling” disc or rotor holes which has been shown to promote rotor cracks.

The wide aperture slots on the EBC units actually draw cool air under the brake pad and rotor interface and help cool the temperatures of the pad contact which can shoot up to well over 1000 degrees at the very heart of the brake pad during heavy braking and can cause brake fade or loss of brake effect.

Before Making Your Choice

When choosing across the EBC designs our pad and disc selector can assist, use https://ebcbrakes.com/ebc-brake-pad-selector-tool/

There are four choices of sport rotors, premium non slotted OEM style, GD, USR and BSD designs and as wear occurs all can be skimmed and life extended many times using this on-car brake lathe. A perfectly flat smooth and aligned USED rotor can often be better than a new rotor as the casting matrix settles over time. Many OEJM car builders actually skim rotors on the car from NEW to align them to the car and the cut, which only removes a tiny amount does not render the disc/rotor below minimum thickness if done correctly.

Statement Of Quality

EBC manufacture the vast majority of its automotive rotors including
Premium brake rotors in the UK or Europe.

Geometry Issues

One in seven cars suffers geometry problems during its life that can affect steering and cause brake vibration. These are NOT a product quality issue! These can happen by simply nudging a kerb or by driving over a pothole. EBC is not alone in recognising this problem but is the only brake supplier on the planet prepared to offer diagnosis and a solutions.

Installation or hub run-out issues

These cause what is known as DTV. The videos below show how to correct for brake vibration caused by DTV (Disc thickness variation). DTV develops in a car after 3000-4000 miles caused by runout built in to the car or due to incorrect alignment of the rotors at install. This is quite a common fault on modern cars and many cars require this at every rotor change. drivers also confuse hub distortion with a rotor quality issue but in 99% of cases the dtv is a car problem, not a rotor quality problem. you can replace the rotors as many times as you like trying to solve vibration and the problem will only go away for a few thousand miles and then return. this means you have purchased new rotors in good faith but the problem is not solved and will not go away permanently until you perform this procedure. after this skimming of the rotor surface you will have smooth brakes , more effective brakes and zero vibration. it is even a very worthwhile practice when fitting new rotors to have all four rotors skimmed into perfect alignment on your car with this inexpensive procedure.

Rotor Distortion

Rotor distortion due to DTV is very common, in fact one in seven cars has a steering geometry problem either when it is built new or after nudging a kerb or hitting a large pothole. Uneducated people still say “My rotors are warped”. Well the engineering facts are rotors do not warp, they are made of cast iron, they are very tough and can be run to red heat and cooled time after time and they will not distort, we do this day in day out on our dynos in the EBC lab. Thats why the whole world still uses cast iron as a vehicle brake rotor material, there has never been anything to beat it and probably never will be. Pro Cut machines Work on both plain rotors and even better on slotted and drilled rotors of all types.

Who are Pro-Cut?

Pro Cut are a USA based multi national and extremely professional Corporation. Their machines are used and approved by many major car manufacturers and used all over the world to do exactly what they do best, correct for rotor mis-alignment no matter how it arises on a car. You cannot achieve this with any other device.

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