EBC Racing™ Trackpack

EBC Brakes Racing Launches ‘Track Pack’ to Help Monitor Braking Performance


Kit contains racing brake fluid, disc heat test paints and caliper temperature strips


It goes without saying that braking is one of the most crucial aspects of a vehicle’s performance – especially in high-speed track environments, therefore EBC Brakes Racing’s new Track Pack is the perfect solution, allowing you to monitor your brake temperatures to maintain optimal performance (click here for more info on this).

What’s Included


Each EBC Brakes Racing Track Pack contains:

– BF307+ Ultra High-Performance Super DOT 4 Racing Brake Fluid (1L)

Our BF307+ high-performance Super DOT 4 brake fluid has been specially formulated to provide outstanding performance for braking systems routinely operated at extreme temperatures, making this fluid ideal for fast street, track day and racing use.

– Caliper Temperature Strips (x10)

To be applied to the outer edge of your brake caliper to provide a quick and easy real-time reading of the caliper’s temperature without the need to remove the wheel first.

– Disc Heat Paints (x3) & Applicator Brush

Quick-dry formula paints which can be applied to any surface and are designed to melt away at the designated temperature. Supplied with thinners to dilute or replace evaporated solvent. Superior accuracy to +/-1%.

– 1 x green temperature paint – up to 427℃ / 800℉

– 1 x orange/red temperature paint – up to 538℃ / 1000℉

– 1 x yellow temperature paint – up to 649℃ / 1200℉

Also contains x3 bottles of temperature paint thinners for easy removal of heat paints.

– EBC Brakes Racing Stickers (x2)



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