EBC V-Pads™ Semi-sintered™ Touring

Brake Pads

EBC Brakes™ Semi-Sintered V-Pads™ are a new blended Semi-Sintered brake pad that combine the highest qualities of an organic brake pad with the endurance of a sintered equivalent brake pad. The Vee brake pad range are designed for the heavy cruiser/streetbike market as a replacement brake pad.


These are the only pads I use. I won’t trust anything else. These brakes don’t slow my bike down. They stop it!

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Distinctly Different

The V-Pad™ range have been dyno tested and proven to be longer lasting than other cheap sintered aftermarket brake pads. All EBC Organic brake pads now incorporate backing plates which are patented with the Nucap NRS hook retention system. This guarantees zero chance of brake pad de-bonding with corrosion or extended use. EBC recommends these brake pads are not for track or race use.

Features and benefits of these brake pads:

  • Heavy streetbike cruiser brake pad
  • 100% ECO friendly
  • Can be used to replace organic or sintered
  • ECE R 90 approved approved and TÜV tested
  • Organic compound with longevity
Technical Info

  • TÜV German Approved Matl with KBA No. – 60995
  • Max. continuous temperature 400°C
  • Max. intermittent temperature 600°C

Physical Properties- Min. assembly shear strength, 400 N/cm2, Density, 2.98 g/cm3

Made In The UK

EBC Brakes Racing proudly manufactures its 2-piece brake rotors and Apollo Series brake calipers in our Northampton, UK world headquarters. Our philosophy is that only when we manufacture every component in house do we have total control over the entire process from start to finish.

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