S and B Filters

Made in the USA …….S&B custom air filters enjoy a unique filter element called Reemay made by Dupont which being man-made product features more evenly dispersed and finer filtration holes for improved filtration and constant airflow.

Filters can be run DRY or oiled but experience shows that running these filters DRY produces most consistent performance as when oiled, the filter gradually dries out over a period of use and the carburetion or fuel mixture strength may vary. If running filters DRY always protect the outside filter on your bikes from direct rainfall to avoid one filter becoming soaked when bike is PARKED . This will affect carburetion and may make the bike difficult to start until the filter dries out. The filters are end sealed with a high lustre chrome end cap. Filters come in a range of size and filter volumes to handle all needs on modern street motorcycles and custom applications.

The rule is to seek out the diameter onto which the filter will fit and then get the largest filter possible into the allowable space.  After removing a standard airbox and fitting custom filters re-tuning of the jet size and pilot jet screw setting may need to be altered, this should be done by plug colour testing and using precision BRASS (not plastic) mainjets as available from our affiliate Company A-BAX engineering,

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