EBC SFA HH Series Scooter

Sintered Pads

These Double-H™ scooter brake pads have high longevity for aftermarket offerings we have ever sold.  SFA HH scooter brake pads target the heavier and faster scooter market.


SFA Series Organic Scooter Pads are made in the UK by EBC Brakes who are a world number one seller with over 35 million sets sold since the EBC Company was created.

Based on +2500 Reviews

Manufactured in the USA

SFA HH Series Scooter Sintered Pads are manufactured in the sintering plant in the USA. They give high performance perfect HH rated stopping power for good braking in wet or dry conditions.

Designed to outperform all competitive pads the EBC Double-H™ sintered pads are designed to accompany all heat treated and EBC made stainless steel brake discs but are not to be used on non hardened discs.

Simply explained, these are the best brake pads we sell!


  • Sintered fast street scooter formula
  • TÜV and ECE R 90 approved
  • Perfect braking wet or dry
  • Zero disc damage, these pads DO NOT damage your rotors
  • Suitable for high speed use and racing on up to the largest scooters

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