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Brake Discs

Typically most older Motorcycles that we call classics or Vintage had one-piece solid brake rotors as they were built. These had their drawbacks not least of which is their one-piece construction, they can warp easily.

The EBC VMD series upgrades those brakes to modern technology without a radical change to the looks of your bike and are a direct bolt on with no modifications or brackets, just a clean rotor swap. Original caliper and pads can be retained but we would strongly advise fitting new brake pads. The use of old brake pads on a new rotor is not wise. EBC makes various great compounds to further enhance stopping power shown under our brake pads section

A two-piece stainless steel heat treated and precision ground rotor blade mounted thru stainless steel floating bobbins onto a lightweight aluminium centre hub reduces weight and completely removes all chances of warping and rotor vibration.

Smooth brakes, great looks and lighter weight.

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