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For 20+ years, sintered brakes have dominated the two-wheel market for fastest and heavy use especially racing and the trend is now moving over into the automotive racing field.

World brake pad leading brand, EBC Brakes, are now launching their range of sintered high-end racing brake pads known as the SR Sintered Race Series™.

Made in the EBC factory in the USA, these new race-only sintered brakes are made for all the top caliper brands, such as; AP Racing, Brembo, Alcon, Wilwood and many more including the new EBC Apollo 4 pot and 6 pot caliper ranges.

The new SR series™ pads offer a much longer life, high heat range and are targeted to reduce the cost of brake wear per lap by many times over carbon or semi-metallic brake pads.

Another great feature of the SR series™ sintered race pads from EBC is their super quick bed-in times, gone are the days of doing lap after lap to break in new pads or the scary days of no brakes or massive brake fade using organic pads that were not bedded in properly.

Bedding in pads is simple with the new EBC SR series™, simply fit them to a decent flat or new rotor and one seating lap and you’re good to race.

Many questions about the technology involved in these new race pads can be explained here.

If it’s a fast-bedding high-end race pad you need for your track work look no further than the EBC SR series™.

The range initially covers 34 aftermarket caliper designs and a good few original designs, also on models such as the Impreza, Evo, Fiesta, Focus ST, and Porsche. Plus the new SR series™ are the spec pad for the 2022 BMW 1 series racing in the UK.

The range will be expanded rapidly during 2022 to cover almost all track day/lapping events, popular models

Expect to pay about double the price of a normal semi-metallic but will all these features and benefits they are certainly worth the price ticket.

After all, which racer uses a lesser grade of pads to save a few bucks?