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Higher average weights and improved performance mean that braking is more important than ever with EVs

If you drive an electric or hybrid vehicle, you may find that your brake pads last longer than in fossil fuel-powered cars you have owned. This is due to the fact that the regenerative braking on your car actually assists with the slowing down of the vehicle and reduces both pad and rotor wear.

However, this doesn’t mean you can ignore your brakes, as there are occasions when having a good brake setup and quality brake pads installed will be a game changer. Consider the weight of your car. In the UK, the average weight of a fossil fuel vehicle is around 1300kg, whilst an electric passenger car typically weighs in at a huge 1799kg – that’s almost half a ton more for the brakes to stop! It figures, then, that electric cars in fact need BETTER brakes than fossil fuel cars.

Here’s why: depending on your model of vehicle, the regenerative braking does not turn on when the battery is full or close to fully charged, so as you drive and get used to your car slowing gently with the help of the regen system, that’s not going to happen if the regen system is not active.

Also, a regen system is of no use at all in an emergency and in those events when you really need to stop fast. For these instances, you need GOOD brakes, especially as you’re driving a car that on average weighs half a ton more than the equivalent petrol variant. That’s why some of the world’s best EVs have big brake rotors and those massive four piston calipers up front.

It is generally accepted that EVs weight 20-30% more than a similar fossil fuel car, mostly because of battery weight, so you need 20-30% MORE stopping power to stop in the same distance.

However, a good brake system is only as good as the brake pads fitted to it.
EBC Brakes is a world pioneer of performance brake pad blends that’s been involved in motorsport and fast street braking components for over 30 years and considers itself a global player and a market leader.

In the ‘service parts’ industry over recent years, brake pad costs have gone down and down in a race to the bottom for who could make products for the cheapest price with the consumer having little or zero knowledge about the difference between good and bad.

Don’t just fix your brakes, upgrade them: you can never have too much braking power. There is a very affordable way to upgrade your vehicle’s stopping power, no matter what brake system it has on there: fit high end brake pads.

100% made in the UK

The EBC brake pad range can deliver anything you need and consists of 7 different compounds tailored precisely for each vehicle and purpose and in all cases the friction level (brake power) of EBC brake pads is proven by its wide R90 brake safety test accreditation, whilst meeting or exceeding the original standard pad brake power on all vehicles.

You could even benefit by switching out your standard brake pads for an EBC upgrade pad from new to gain stopping power with materials such as the EBC’s Yellowstuff-grade pads.

So whatever car you drive and whatever powers it, good brakes are a wise investment.