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Motorcycle racer Pep Brown was impressed with the braking upgrades on his high-performance car

British Army’s Pep Brown is a successful motorcycle racer within the EBC-supported Army Motorcycle Road Race Team. When he’s not deployed on operation or tearing up a race track on two wheels, he can usually be found behind the wheel of his Kia Stinger GTS.

This 370bhp twin-turbo V6 sports saloon is an impressive car out of the box, but with a relatively high kerb weight, puts a lot of demand on its braking system.

Pep recently decided to upgrade the brake pads to EBC’s Yellowstuff items and after 4000 miles, he has been very impressed with the results.

His thoughts can be read below in his own words.

The Kia is a heavy car as you would imagine. It takes some stopping power when you’re up to a significant speed.

I found the standard brakes to simply be too spongy, so opted for EBC’s Yellowstuff pads.

After 4000 miles, I can say that they are instantly better; no fade at all, not even from high speeds. They also look great against the red calipers, and operated well in the dry and the wet.

This is a must-have upgrade if you have this type of car.