EBC Gold Grade Sintered Bicycle

Brake Pads

It is commonly accepted that sintered copper alloy brake pads last several times longer than organic pads.

These comments still ring true in the bicycle brake pad market. Best applied only to hardened rotors the sintered pad option is great for dirt, dust, water splash and contaminated riding due to its higher mechanical strength and in all forms of use lasts many times longer than resin pads.

Sintered pads do tend to generate a little more heat, so in downhill use where a hydraulic system (cable systems are OK) is used, a metal stand-off pipe will be a great option behind the caliper to avoid hose ballooning. In normal flat or varied riding, this is not an issue and these pads just keep on lasting and lasting.

bicycle brakes gold

Absolutely the best pads I have used. Some pads have a distinct heat range that works best, these are perfectly happy with any temperature. From freezing rain initial stops to 100 deg F ambient after a 10 minute steep run, these pads perform flawlessly.

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Three grades

Unless you are riding a bike where the discs are marked “Resin pad only” meaning the rotors are unhardened and likely to suffer bad scoring if using sintered pads, then the best value for money and long life is the Gold range of EBC sintered brake pads.

With a higher friction rating than anything out there EBC sintered gold grade bicycle pads will last longer and brake stronger than anything you can buy. Made in the USA and a high-quality pad used as original equipment by the worlds greatest names in bicycle brakes, these pads are great value for money and for the everyday bike rider, these are the choice to make.

All pad sets include high-strength return springs and magnetic stainless backing plates. Disc pads for bicycle bikes have been around since 2002 and selecting the right compound for your needs is not only wise but essential for numerous reasons. EBC offers three grades of pad compound.

Another great way to improve your bicycle brakes is to upgrade with an oversize brake rotor kit.

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