EBC Red Grade “Resin Plus” Bicycle

Brake Pads

These Red grade EBC Bicycle Brake Pads are also a resin base to protect your rotors but with extra high ‘ Red grade is also very low abrasion and can therefore be used on all types of rotors, hardened or unhardened without rotor damage. The high friction and better heat fade resistance makes the red grade better for downhill and faster riding but monitor for wear carefully. If the longest life is required, go for the sintered pad option.


Better power, modulation and heat capacity than oem with similar wear rate to oem non-metallic pads. Have cooked both OEM metallic and non on a certain local trail and have yet to cook these on the same trail with the same brake setup.

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Extra High Friction

In considering which pads to use for downhill work it is essential to understand your own brake system. Some hydraulic systems, such as those made by Magura use fluid lines made from nylon or plastic and can be prone to softening and swell if overheated.

For this reason Magura and others are not too keen on using pads in their systems that generate too much heat such as sintered pads. If Downhill if your riding sport EBC red bicycle grade brake pads will be a great choice, lifetime being quite short but great brakes, low rotor damage and minimal heat transfer into the bikes hydraulics is to be considered. If you down intend to make Alpine downhill riding or racing your daily buzz, sintered pads have significant benefits and lets face it, before every one of us that races downhill there are 5000 that want value for money ,long pad life and do not race downhill, lets read the next section about sintered brakes for bicycle disc systems.

Disc pads for bicycles have been around since 2002 and selecting the right compound for your needs is not only wise but essential for numerous reasons. EBC offer three grades of pad compound.

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