Motorcycle Clutches & Clutch Tools

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DRC Complete Clutch Rebuild Kits

The Ultimate clutch rebuild for your ATV and Moto Cross machine ... Here's why? Stack height is the all important factor when renewing ...

Standard CK Series

Complete Engine sets of stack height controlled friction plates featuring the EBC unique alloy particle impregnated clutch facings that prevent burn up or slippage.

CSK Coil & Diaphragm Spring Kits

Complete engine sets of heat treated and tempered steel coil springs or diaphragm springs giving 10-15% more clamp pressure than standard.

SRK Aramid Fiber Sportbike Race Clutch Kits

With ever increasing horsepowers of motorcycle engines, clutches are ...

DRCF Carbon Fiber Lined MX Race Clutch Kits

The ultimate moto-x and ATV heavy duty clutch kit designed for race use.

CKF Carbon Fiber Lined MX Race Clutch Plate Sets

CKF is the name of the new EBC carbon fiber impregnated motocross & ATV clutches

SRC Street Racer Clutch Set

An aramid paper lined plate set complete with heavy duty clutch springs. The SRC kit is ideal for heavy sport bikes.

EBC Clutch Installation and removal tools

Made in the UK by EBC Brakes, these laser cut clutch tools make clutch removal, loosening of the drive shaft bolts and re-tightening a breeze, without any fear of damage to your expensive clutch basket.

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