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Scooter Discs

EBC Brakes make the world’s largest range of brakes including replacement brake rotors for every make and model of scooter in a choice of two materials and profiles.


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The Perfect Match

The EBC MD series scooter discs are a stainless steel (INOX) exact size and shape replacement for original discs. To select these parts, look up the MD number in the catalogue listings and add suffix “D” for a full circle profile or a “C” for a contoured profile version.


All EBC scooter discs are now made in heat-treated and tempered stainless steel for great looks, toughness, and wear life.


EBC MD Series Stainless Scooter Discs are a perfect matched pair to any pads in the EBC range, SAFA, SFAC Carbon, or SFAHH sintered.

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