EBC Brakes VR Series Stainless Profiled

Scooter Discs

Not only are the new EBC VR series stainless profiled scooter sport discs the thelightest and best looking scooter discs on the market they are again made in the UK using German mill rolled heat treat and precision ground stainless steel and can be used with ANY brand or type of brake pad including all aftermarket and OEM pads.


The Benefits…

The new VR discs feature a new exciting profiled option that reduces disc weight and improves aesthetics and disc cooling.

The VR series stainless profiled scooter discs also improve brake feel and modulation and area available for all modern scooters of all engine sizes.

  • Lightest weight
  • Improved profile enhances cooling of discs and pads
  • Improved brake feel and response
  • Longest disc life due to improved quality disc steel
  • Resistance to wear and cracking due to optimum hardness
  • Can be used on any size of scooter with any type of pad

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