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Chrome Pads

EBC Brakes™ Semi-Sintered Limited Edition Chrome Backed VLD Pads are the same as EBC Brakes™ semi-sintered V-Pads™ but have polished chrome backing plates instead of orange backing plates.


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EBC Brakes™ semi-sintered VLD pads are a longer lasting USA made pad with a 30% copper content by weight in a high density matrix to give the best of both worlds –great brake feel and longer life with low heat transfer and less disc damage. These semi-sintered VLD pads are a limited range available for some cruisers and big where extended life may be an advantage. Durability is almost identical to a full sintered pad with great brake performance over a wide range of operating temperatures.

These pads are TÜV approved and are manufactured using the NUCAP® of Canada NRS™ backing plate hook system. This NRS™ system uses small hooks pressed into the surface of the backing plate which bonds the friction material to the backing plate more securely than adhesive bonding.

The NRS™ licence was granted to EBC Brakes™ to help improve the quality of brake pads by reducing the chance of pad separation when the vehicle is used in severe wet conditions.

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V pads are a unique development by EBC Brakes of the worlds first so called “Semi–sintered” brake pad compound, combining all the long life benefits of sintered with the ‘feel’ of an organic pad. Targeting the cruiser and big twin market, these pads are fully tested and approved and are available for all popular Vee Twin bikes offering the great looks of the chrome backing plates on which these pads are built. “How can we bond onto Chrome effectively?” … Good question and the answer is:

The EBC backplates feature velcro-like hooks built using the revolutionary NUCAP of Canada NRS system which generate hundreds of small hooks on the backplate surface before bonding and into which the brake compound is fused.

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