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See our brake selector chart here to make the ideal selection for your car or motorcycle for fast street,trackday and get the best brakes for racing with a performance guarantee.

EBC Brakes is a privately owned British manufacturer with its own R and D facilities and produces the largest range of brakes in the world for stock and aftermarket race calipers and many race drivers or motorcycle racers claim these to be the best brakes for racing with many testimonials shown here in the EBC Hall of Fame.

Racing is a totally different environment than street use and temperatures can shoot way over a thousand degrees, see this performance curve of the new EBC Bluestuff NDX to see what these pads do under head and load or the EBC Orangestuff performance curve done on a race track simulation dyno.

If you want the best brakes for racing your calipers have to also be in good condition, this link explains what happens if your calipers bind or seize. You also need to make sure that your Brake fluid is in decent condition and has not deteriorated and does not contain water which soaks into brake fluids after years of use and exposure to the weather.

Follow the recommendations on the EBC Brakes site for all information to make sure you have the best brakes for racing and can make it to the podium next time out.

Racing Motorcycles has been the foundation of EBC Brakes for over 35 years with literally hundreds of motorcycle racers counting on the quality of EBC products for generations. Still now EBC Brakes has a massive privateer following who use its new 2012 formula GPFA full race sintered pads which combined with the new German mill rolled and specially heat treated steels used on the EBC X and XC rotors provide you with the best brakes for racing on your motorcycle.