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The new lower (medium) friction version of the highly acclaimed Bluestuff™ NDX material is now about to hit the market.

The new grade is known as Bluestuff B and has a friction level of 0.42Mμ compared to the more grippy NDX Bluestuff, making it a perfect rear-to-front balance with the NDX front pads.

Built with NRS technology with lower friction than its sister compound BlueStuff™ NDX – This multi-use race material is street legal on certain cars only to ECE R90 testing and shows a 0.42Mμ stable friction once bedded stable up to 550°C/1022°F. BlueStuff™ B is available for rear pads targeting use on lighter cars to avoid rear axle lockup.

Bluestuff™ B Features

  • Low friction at 0.42Mμ
  • Strong initial bite, works from cold
  • Zero rotor damage
  • Medium race lifetime

EBC application catalogue listings now show the B version available for numerous lighter cars where a moderated pad friction level, especially on rear axles is more appropriate and brings the EBC Brakes racing pad range to SIX compounds all shown in the new EBC Racing catalogue.

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During September,  the European lookup for Make, Model, and Year is being upgraded to make vehicle searches faster and easier and will soon be seen on

A great feature of all pads in the Bluestuff range is their bedding in speed, a few short laps, and you’re good to go which is a major benefit for drivers fitting pads new at the track.