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The two EBC-equipped cars achieved mid-pack results at Brands Hatch

Bedford-based Team Hamster Racing (also known as Porsche and German car specialist, TH Racing) have been competing in the 750MC BMW 116 Trophy for a few years now, entrusting EBC Brakes’ Bluestuff brake pads from the start.

For 2024, the team has entered two cars into the series, both of which continue to sport Bluestuff pads.

The first round of the year took the roadshow to Kent’s Brands Hatch, where challenging weather conditions saw the cars achieve solid mid-pack results, and boasting plenty of potential for the season ahead.

You can read how the weekend panned out in the Team Manager’s own words below…

“The weekend started very damp and only got wetter. With two sprint races on Saturday, we had a baptism of fire as the conditions got worse and worse.

“We didn’t let this put a dampener on things though, finding the cars to be very responsive in the wet. I was racing in the second sprint in car 83 and having qualified right in mid-field (14th out of 34), we fought hard, moving up the order, to finish 12th.”

 “On Sunday we had the 90-minute endurance race. This was fraught with incidents. One particular team, mentioning no names, appeared to have decided they could win by knocking everyone else off.

“Our customer’s car was hit on lap 1. Then, halfway through the first stint, #83 was hit so hard the airbox came off. With #82 finding its way into the gravel at the bottom of Paddock Hill in its second stint, unfortunately we weren’t going to be getting any trophies that day.

“Despite all this, and with both our cars having very long pit stops while they were repaired, both cars looked competitive and we still finished lower mid-field; not at the back as you would expect.

“Not the best start to the season, but definitely not the worst either. We all had a lot of fun and most importantly the brakes were great.”

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