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The BSB Superstock rider will use EBC parts on his Yamaha R1 for the 2024 season

British motorcycle racer, Max Symonds, competes in British Superbike’s National Superstock category on his Yamaha R1. The rider also won Castle Combe Circuit’s coveted NG Road Racing ‘King of Combe’ race in 2023.

Earlier this spring, Symonds and his privateer team (Symonds Racing) headed over to Spain’s Circuito de Jerez for some pre-season testing, which was one of his first chances to try out the EBC Brakes Racing GPFAX pads and X-Series floating discs that he’ll be using throughout 2024.

His plan for 2024 is to continue to progress and challenge for stronger results in the National Superstock series within the British Superbike paddock.

You can read how the test week panned out in Max’s own words below.

Jerez Pre-Season test

“After what felt like a long off-season, with lots of preparation and improvements being made to the bike and a program of physical training to ensure we would hit the ground running, I couldn’t wait to get out on track and experience the thrill of riding at speeds of up to 180mph again. After an initial shakedown test at Moteblanco Circuit in Spain and at Castle Combe Circuit in Wiltshire, it was time to get out to Jerez circuit in Spain to really test the bike to its limits. This was particularly exciting for two reasons…

  1. Jerez is one of the most iconic circuits in the world, any fans of motorbike racing will be very familiar with it and its long history with MotoGP, World Superbikes, and ESBK. Running over 2.75 miles of fast, flowing tarmac, Jerez offers a real test of machine balance and riding ability, with long and fast curves separated by a number of heavy braking zones and slow hairpins. It really is a bike racer’s dream track.
  2. It would be my first time using EBC Brakes and I couldn’t wait to test out its stopping power, particularly into the final turn which demands super heavy braking and has been host to some of the most memorable last-lap MotoGP overtakes.”

Day 1

“On the first morning, the heavens opened and the rain and wind had us feeling like we were back in the UK rather than southern Spain. The weather didn’t stop us from getting out on track as we still had a lot to test, particularly with the balance of the bike to help improve rear grip and getting used the new EBC Brakes. After missing the first session as the team prepped the bike for the conditions, I was then out on track every session for the rest of the day. As the rain came down harder, I was the only one left riding for the final couple of sessions!

“The biggest challenge of wet riding is dealing with a big drop on grip levels compared to hot slicks on a dry warm track. This is particularly the case when riding a 200bhp machine that will spit you off if you make the slightest error! To avoid that and make the best use of wet tyres throttle and brake use has to be built up slowly, smoothly, and progressively. If you do that, have a well set-up bike, and trust in wet weather tyres that provide enough grip to get your knee down in even the wettest conditions, then surprisingly fast lap times can be achieved.

“Whilst it wasn’t the conditions we were hoping for to start the test, it was valuable to get lots of wet laps in to get used to the EBC Brakes and ensure we have the setup dialled in for when we inevitably get a wet race back in the UK.”

Day 2

“The weather brightened up on the second day, and after a damp couple of sessions, we finally got some proper dry laps in. Jerez is a great track in any conditions but the dry is where it’s the best as you can make the most of the fast-flowing corners with hard acceleration, fast straights, and heavy braking sections. The final sector is particularly special – after two sharp second-gear rights, you pick up speed and start working the right-hand side of the tyre as you plunge into the two fast rights at turn eleven and twelve at speeds of over 130mph, offering the chance for the perfect fast run toward the final hairpin. Taken in second gear, the final turn requires real heavy braking with the rear often skidding and bike rarely staying in line, one you’ve got down to the apex it’s then super hard acceleration out to the line with the biggest challenge being keeping the front wheel down!”

Day 3

“The third day started with another rain shower and I was the only one the headed out meaning I had another two full sessions to myself, doubt I’ll ever be able to afford to hire Jerez just for myself so I made the most of it! After that, we had the best weather of the three days, with sun and warm temperatures. We made the most of this by running several different setups to get a good base for the balance of the bike and electronic settings to better understand how to get the most out of the power and engine braking adjustments. We had a number of part-worn tyres to use to help reduce the cost of testing and to make up for lost time ended up going through at least six rear tyres in just six sessions!

“Overall, it was a great test to work on the bike setup and my feeling in all conditions as well as getting comfortable on my new EBC Brakes which were well tested and felt great! Next time out we’re at a club race with NG Road Racing to get some race practice in ahead of the first BSB National Superstock round at the beginning of May.”

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