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Brake pads used in racing are very different from standard street compounds and there are literally dozens of companies making racing brake pads some better than others but all are different.

It’s a matter of deciding what’s right for your style of driving and the type of vehicle and track, plus of course the length of the race you will be competing in.

This article explains equivalents to the various competitor brands to allow you to switch brands without a lot of re-testing.

First, let’s be clear that the chart below is an APPROXIMATE EQUIVALENT listing.  EBC is not saying we are better or worse than any other blends but just recently EBC has developed some very effective race pad blends and for this reason, we offer suggestions of where our grades line up against others.

EBC offer at this time only 6 pad grades for racing. Some competitors run with only 3 blends, others offer dozens and choosing the exact blend is therefore quite hard.

Whatever you choose to try make sure you have time to assess the pad in the conditions it will be used in.

Don’t just zoom off at the track without evaluating any pad change you make before gradually trying it out.

Having said that EBC do have pads that you can do exactly that with…. our new SR sintered series which require zero bedding in and once seated to your rotor are ready to race within a few brake applications making them an extremely safe and effective brake pad choice

This first chart shows how the new EBC race materials stack up – Please note – In the chart below HIGHER numbers are better

The second chart is an approx. list of equivalents from other brake manufacturers. (This is a performance equivalent chart and in a few instances more than one equivalent may be shown for reasons of durability options)