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The summer months have played host to plenty of action in this EBC-equipped race series

EBC Brakes is proud to continue its support of the Classic VW Cup race series for 2021. This UK-based championship is the go-to place for all club-level VAG-Group motor racing, with two distinct classes meaning you can expect packed grids including everything from Mk1 Golfs all the way through to engine-swapped SEAT Leon Cupras.

Oulton Park, June 19

This was a weekend to forget for some, as mechanical gremlins were rife around the VW paddock!

In qualifying, Simon Tomlinson set the fastest lap, with Dave Pinkney not far behind chomping at the bit.

As Race 1 came around, unfortunately Pinkey (in his immaculate pink Vento) didn’t make it to the grid due to clutch problems. Also, Steve Rowland had a sick engine which unfortunately proved fatal too.

One winner was Donald Dewar in the EBC Bluestuff-equipped car, who just about made race one and was fitting a replacement fuel pump as others were going down to the assembly area, alas only managing six laps.

Up front were Simon Tomlinson and Tony Absolom, battling it out for first place. Next up, Brian Roberts in the fast-charging Mk5 Golf GTI. Behind them was Tim Moll in the little blue pocket rocket Mk1. Tim unfortunately lost fifth gear near the end of the race, which would make his weekend finish earlier than anticipated.

After Tim came Mark Shepherd in the EBC Brakes Racing RP-1-equipped immaculate red Vento cup car, followed by Nick Sanderson in the equally-clean SEAT Leon Cupra – his first time out in over two years! Both seemed to be having a fantastic race.

Losers from Race 1 were also Ken Lark who pulled off with oil temp issues, and Chris Adams RP-1-equipped car with CV joint failure on the last lap.

Race 2 was seriously down on CVWC numbers, but this didn’t stop the action! Donald Dewar got pulled off the grid even before the action started, due to an oil leak which in the end saved him an engine so not all bad news.

From lights-out, Tony Absolom got the jump on Simon Tomlinson and showed him the way round Oulton Park for a few laps. Unfortunately, there was a bit of a coming together and Simon got in front. Further back was Brian Roberts, also having his own issues where traction control was cutting in, robbing him of power, meaning his lap times were seriously reduced. Behind them was Mark Shepherd charging through the field, slowly getting reeled in by Nick Sanderson and Chris Adams. Ken Lark unfortunately suffered CV joint failure but got a great view of the race!

Simon Tomlinson won Race 1 so was gifted a set of free pads from EBC Brakes. Donald Dewar won the ‘VW Doctor Driver of the Day’ award for his never-give-up attitude.

Snetterton, July 25

This proved to be a fairly low-key affair for the VAG-based series, with only five cars on the grid due to most people still having broken cars from Oulton Park. This didn’t stop the fun though!

With weather forecasts all week promoting rain and thunder all weekend, it actually turned out to be a nice weekend, and the first with a live BRSCC YouTube stream too.

Qualifying was difficult with most people trying to find a bit of space to get a flying lap, but getting caught behind the pesky Peugeot 206 cup cars which share their grid.

Simon Tomlinson pulled it out of the bag with a 2:15.4 lap which would put him on pole for the CVWC. Second up was Brian Roberts in the flying grey Golf DSG Mk5 GTI, just a fraction behind on a 2:16.00 lap. Chris Adams in the Class B EBC Brakes Racing RP-1-equipped Golf GTI came next with a 2:16.2.

Race 1 – when the lights went out, Simon and Brian shot off the line, only to get caught by slower starting cars, with Ken Lark deciding to climb the field on the grass around the outside up to turn one. Crafty Chris Adams missed all the drama and shot up the inside of the pack to miss the traffic jam.

Within a few corners, the Class A boys started gaining space and eventually overtook for the lead. Donald Dewar in the EBC Bluestuff-equipped Mk1 Golf was having a good scrap with some of the tricolour trophy cars a bit further back. Brian Roberts unfortunately had gearbox issues and was forced to retire on lap 3.

Simon Tomlinson battled out for the lead with various cars, and places were changing corner by corner, with Ken Lark and Chris Adams now battling it out for third just behind.

The race was cut short unfortunately due to a car ending up on its roof at the chicane.

Onto Race 2, where the bright sunshine came to an abrupt end as it started chucking it down.

With the race before getting delayed due to the conditions on track, the CVWC had a later race time which gave everyone the chance to change to their wet tyres and go to a wet setup. At lights-out, everyone made a cautious start in the thick mist. Chris Adams saw space around the outside and sailed into first place around turn one, only to get pushed off and regain in last position.

Ken Lark got his head down and pushed hard in the wet to get into first overall, only to have a moment at Hamilton and then have to regain further down the field. Simon Tomlinson harvested on Ken’s bad luck and pushed forward and ran at the front most of the race with some battles with a Civic Type R. Donald Dewar battled it out in his Mk1 Golf with an Audi TT and Subaru to come home 12th in very difficult conditions.

The last few laps were a nail-biting affair with Chris Adams and Ken Lark battling it out again for third in the CVWC, but the race was unfortunately cut short due to the weather conditions forcing the drivers to have two green flag laps – this was taken off our overall allotted time.

With a two-week break, the CVWC will be back out at Brands Hatch on August 8 for round 4.

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