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Staff from EBC Brakes USA tried out the sintered race brake pad on their track cars recently

Two EBC Brakes USA employees recently tested the firm’s recently launched SR-11™ sintered endurance race brake pads on their duo of Chevrolet Corvettes at a track day at Nelson Ledges Road Course, Ohio.

Preston and Ben – with C5 and C6 Z06 Corvettes respectively – both pushed these brake pads hard during the day’s action, coming away satisfied with the performance and longevity the product showed in their V8-powered sports cars.

Manufactured in the USA, EBC Brakes Racing’s sintered SR-11™ brake pad is proving to be the go-to race pad choice for all Corvette drivers as it successfully delivers the torque and longevity required for endurance racing and represents the lowest cost per racing mile of any pads that were tested.

You can find out more about this exciting new product by clicking here.

Please reach out to your local EBC stockist for more information:

SR-11™ Race and Endurance Pads

The latest sintered race material from EBC will launch in spring 2022 and promises to eclipse most of today’s organic, semi-metallic, and carbon-based racing brake pads.

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SR-21™ Race and Endurance Pads

A variation of SR-11™ that offers ultra-high friction and is targeted for the front and rear of race cars with bias controls only. SR™ bites harder and lasts longer.

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