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It is crucial to check the wheel clearance template of an EBC Brakes Racing Big Brake Kit before purchase to ensure that the new brake kit will fit with your specific wheels. We supply templates for all our kits so that you can check whether a wheel will fit over the brakes for your specific application.

All our wheel clearance templates can be found and downloaded by clicking here.

The key thing to remember is that the diameter of the EBC Brakes Racing Brake Kit cannot exceed the inner diameter of the wheels that you have fitted to your vehicle, and the barrel profile and spokes of the wheels limit how wide the calipers can be. EBC Brakes Racing specifies that a minimum clearance of 5.0mm between the caliper and the wheel rim must be respected at all costs. This means 5.0mm minimum clearance between the outboard ‘logo’ face of the caliper and the wheel spokes, and 5.0mm minimum clearance between the top profile of the caliper and the wheel barrel.

Braking systems on modern cars are positioned in such a way that they are in very confined spaces that are limited on space by suspension components such as struts/shocks on the inside and the spokes/barrel profile of the wheel on the outboard and aftermarket brake kits are designed to be positioned in the surplus space that is not formerly occupied by parts. Standard braking systems on modern cars are located in the space between the wheels and the hub on a vehicle.

Wheel design varies so widely, and this is why it is crucial to check the clearance of your wheels before purchasing and/or attempting to fit an EBC Brakes Racing Brake Kit. Wheel design and clearance can vary so much that even two wheels/rims that are the same diameter, offset and even width can have different clearances. This is due to that fact that different designs will have different spoke location/barrel profiles than others.

How to use EBC Brakes Racing Wheel Fitment/Clearance Templates

Step 1

Print a copy of the specified wheel clearance template and to confirm it has printed to scale. You can check this by referring to the reference dimensions on the template. Cut around the profile roughly and then glue the template to a piece of card and proceed to cut around the outer profile accurately.

Step 2

Lay the clearance template inside the wheel as shown in the image below

Step 3

Check that edge of the caliper does not touch the rim or the inside of the spoke.
A minimum clearance of 5.0mm is recommended.

Additional Information

If after you have checked the clearance using the correct template and you notice interference or clash, different wheels or a wheel spacer will be required. The fitting of wheel spacers is down to the judgement of the vehicle owner or professional fitting the kit.

Following the installation of an EBC Brakes Racing Brake Kit, clearance between the new brake components and the suspension must be carefully checked prior to driving the vehicle. Cycle the suspension through its full travel from bump-to-rebound. Turn the steering from lock-to-lock, including turning the steering whilst at the bump and rebound limits of the suspension. There must be an absolute minimum of 5.0mm clearance between the brake system and surrounding structures at all times.

Note: Due to some applications fitting a multitude of applications, the wheel clearance template used for your vehicle may be labelled for a different Application, i.e., a Mazda RX8 will utilise the same clearance template as a Mazda MX5 NC.
This does not imply that the brake kits are the same, only that the caliper and disc are situated in the same place relative to the wheel mounting surface.

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