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Various EBC upgrade parts will be available for users to install

EBC Brakes has collaborated with the highly anticipated Torque Drift 2 video game, to allow upcoming players the chance to install a number of high-performance EBC components onto their digital vehicles.

Torque Drift 2 is a skill-based motorsport game set in a fictional Japanese city, with rolling hills and dark neon city streets that mimic the history and culture of the scene Torque Motorsport’s aim to represent. Boasting extensive vehicle, profile, avatar and garage customization options, linear and open world environments, a powerful suite of player creation tools, and a multitude of feature support for both single and multiplayer experiences.

Torque Drift 2 offers players a ‘play-your-way’ experience that users can define for themselves that explores the roots of the drifting motorsport.

With extensive profile and garage customisation options as digital collectables, you can build your car and expand your garage with optional upgrades and add-ons from the leading brands in motorsports and racing, including a variety of products from the EBC Brakes Racing range.

As well as producing their hyper-realistic and addictively engaging video games, Torque Motorsports have product review videos, installations, on-track footage and a podcast-style series, bringing behind-the-scenes and under-the-hood content of motorsports and video games. The full release of the game is expected at the start of 2024, so be sure to follow their YouTube and socials to learn more and keep up to date with them.

Learn more about Torque Motorsports at the below links:

EBC Brakes Racing Components

EBC’s line of track/motorsport components offers one giant leap forwards for aftermarket braking solutions. Find out more in the link below.

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