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Mark Hope was back on his modified Hayabusa for the Main Event show recently

Mark Hope of Hope Racing pilots a heavily modified Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle in the Super Street Bike class of various drag racing events held at Santa Pod Raceway, Northamptonshire.

With the bike able to launch itself to speeds of over 200mph within the quarter-mile strip, brakes are clearly a huge priority for this setup, with Hope entrusting EBC Brakes’ VR discs and Double-H pads to help him slow down almost as fast as he accelerates.

The outfit returned to Santa Pod recently for the highly anticipated Main Event, with Mark explaining how the weekend went down in his own words below.

“It was great to be back at the track for the Main Event at Santa Pod. The show quickly reminded me how drag racing is a rollercoaster – what a weekend it was!

“We ran a nice 7.07-second pass at 205mph in Q3 to show promise. Unfortunately, we suffered what appears to be a blown head gasket, which finally let go in E1.

“We managed to swap the engine and make E2, but against Alan Morrison Jr, I pushed the tree a little and went red. He was flying all weekend so I had to try my luck!

“It was great to see the racing family again and have my family around me for support!

“Thanks to Chris Hope , and Bob Smith for always mucking in, Carrie Hope for always supporting my passion and everyone else involved. We’ll get this thing figured out sooner or later!”

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