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Morgan Creasey competes in both classes, using EBC’s GPFAX pads and X-Series discs in both

24-year-old Spalding-based motorcycle racer, Morgan Creasey, is currently competing in two British Motorcycle and Racing Club (Bemsee/BMCRC) championships: the DART MRO on his Yamaha R6, as well as the Thunderbike Ultra on his K7 Suzuki GSX-R1000.

Both machines benefit from EBC Brakes Racing’s GPFAX motorsport brake pads and X-Series floating brake discs.

With a successful 2023 campaign behind him – bagging grid-topping results throughout the year – a winter of injury meant that the first 2024 rounds of the championships at Kent’s Brands Hatch weren’t as successful as Creasey might have envisioned. Despite the setbacks, he managed to put in some fantastic rides in some treacherous conditions.

You can read his summary of the race weekend in his own words below.

Thunderbike Ultra

Qualifying – P5

Race 1 – P6

Race 2 – P7

Race 3 – P2

Race 4 – P5

MRO 600

Qualifying – P10

Race 1 – P13

Race 2 – P8

Race 3 – DNF mechanical Failure

Race 4 – P7

“This weekend was the first round of the season. After a long winter being off the bike due to injury and ACL recovery, I was looking forward to the season starting.

“This weekend’s luck of the draw meant that both qualifying and races for the Thunderbike and the MRO 600 were back-to-back. It wasn’t long before the effects of the shoulder injuries became apparent, and I realised that there was still some way to recovery. It was quickly obvious that it was going to be a difficult weekend.

“I was able to get some clean laps in during qualifying, but these proved not to be quick enough to get as far forwards on the grid as I had hoped.

“The first Thunderbike Ultra race got underway; I got an ok start off the line but got boxed in. It was a pretty uneventful race and I brought it home P6.

“A quick swap of the bike and it was onto the MRO 600 race. I really felt the effect of the pain in my shoulders and couldn’t run with the leading pack and as the race went on, this compounded and I fell further down the pack to P13.

“After a short break, it was back to it for the last two races of the day. This didn’t get off to a good start. I was held up by a spectator’s van stopped in the tunnel to chat to someone on the way to the grid meaning myself and a fellow competitor missed the warmup lap meaning I had to start from the back. This put some fire in my belly, I put my head down and manage to make my way through the pack up to P7.

“It was then straight onto the MRO 600 race. I still had some remaining fire in my belly and I was able to get a good start from P16 on the grid. Coupled with the frustration of missing the previous warm up lap and the race being shortened by the red flag I made it through the pack and to the end bringing it over the line in P8.”

“Onto Sunday, the first two races were on my wet bikes. For the Thunderbike Ultra race, I started up in 5th place on the grid. It was a pretty steady race due to track conditions. I was able to make a few places up to get to P2.

“Next was the MRO 600 – I started the warm up lap and it was obvious that there was something not quite right with the bike. I was able to start the race but wasn’t able to complete the first lap due to only running on three cylinders.

“The last Thunderbike Ultra race was pretty uneventful, we did have a dry track however a yellow flag for the entire race meant I couldn’t progress further up the grid.

“For the final MRO 600 race I was starting further down the grid due to not completing a flying lap in the earlier race. I spent this race fighting my way back through the pack to finish in P7.

“The next round is the weekend of 13-14 April at Pembrey Circuit.”

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