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Henry Wright and Kevin Glover form the Fiesta Clubracer outfit, sporting EBC’s RP-X™ and Bluestuff pads

The Fiesta Clubracer outfit, formed of drivers Henry Wright and Kevin Glover, have once again completed another successful season of the MSVT Trackday Championship in their Ford Fiesta ST race car.

For the second consecutive year, the duo have entrusted EBC Brakes Racing’s RP-X™ motorsport brake pads up front and Bluestuff™ NDX pads on the rear of their car.

Following treacherous conditions at the final round of the series at Kent’s Brands Hatch recently the team finished the season second-in-class – the fourth year in a row where they’ve managed to achieve either first or second in this series.

You can read how the final weekend of 2023 unfolded in the team’s own words below.

“The final round of the 2023 season brought us to a typically grey and wet Brands Hatch in Kent, to be expected in late October! With the championship still in contention (although an outside chance) we readied ourselves for what would be a difficult round. We don’t think we’ve ever driven a circuit that delivered so little grip in these conditions in my last 14 years of racing.

“Qualifying was held early in the morning with the track wet and sun low, so tricky conditions. With a full grid on a small circuit, simply getting a lap time felt like quite an achievement. Pedal feel and ability to modulate the brakes well was superb as usual from the RP-X™/Bluestuff pad combo we’ve come to trust without question. A lot of cars were left stranded in the gravel and off in the grass without the same level performance! A brisk and safe performance secured second in class which was a good result for us, with the main championship contender just behind.

“The race was looking to be a slightly drier affair as Henry sat in the holder area. However, as he sat on the grid for the green flag lap, the heavens opened, so any hope of a dry race/line disappeared! As the red lights went out, Henry opted for the safer inside line through the first few corners with a long race ahead. Damage limitation and the strategic approach of ‘it’s a long race’ view enabled us to get through the first important laps unscathed, although in 3rd place in class right behind 1st and 2nd – a good starting point.”

“After a few laps, the first-place Mazda, under increasing pressure, disappeared off into the barriers on the exit of Druids allowing us up to 2nd. With a few other cars in the gravel, a safety car was inevitable. We opted to pit a lap later than everyone else queueing into the pits, allowing a nearly-clear lap of flat-out catching up with the safety car before pitting. With the pit stop completed, Kev came out in first place in class moving us up without the risk of having to make the moves out on track. Perfect!

“With the conditions consistently dreadful it, was a case of managing the race to the finish and staying out of trouble, which Kev did perfectly, climbing a few positions from higher-class cars. Testament to being able to push on the brakes in such conditions.

“Crossing the line P1 in class and 10th overall is a huge achievement in multi-class racing in the lowest class! With the other Mazda in contention for the championship crossing the line in 2nd, the championship didn’t go our way this year. But runner up is certainly something to be proud of given the trials and tribulations of club racing, not to mention the somewhat odd championship points structure. And on top of that, a consistent first or second championship finish for the last four years – we go again next year!”

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