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The 12-year-old kart racing star has acquired an MG ZR race car that he’ll use in the MG National Speed Championship

Racing in EBC-equipped karting machinery since the age of 10, Chase Sharpe has undoubtedly built up a name for himself in the motorsport world, clinching the UK Kart Series Honda Cadet Extreme Championship in 2022.

Following a season in the UK Kart Series this year, Sharpe has recently announced that he’s about to upgrade to the world of car racing with the purchase of his MG ZR race car.

Complete with EBC’s Yellowstuff pads and high-performance discs, Chase will use the race-prepped vehicle to compete in the MG National Speed Championship in the coming months and years.

You can read more about the announcement in his team’s own words below.

“Coming off the back of winning the UK Kart Series Honda Cadet Extreme Championship in 2022, Chase Sharpe has took his first move into circuit racing, by taking delivery of his EBC-clad MG ZR, built to sprint/hillclimb specs.

“Chase will be testing in the car until his 14th birthday, then competing in the MG National Speed Championship. His Father, Hen, will also be taking the car out for some races next season.”

“Hen said: “It’s always been in our plan to get Chase out racing a car as soon as he wanted to. It made sense to go down the sprint/hillclimb route, especially with an MG, as for the past 20 years our family have all competed in classic and modern MGs. Chase will gain great experience in his ZR and this should hopefully set him up nicely for when he makes the move to full circuit racing with an MG ZR when he is 16. Motorsport UK are actively getting more young drivers into sprints and hillclimbs, and we feel we are joining at a great time.””

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