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Marcus Hudson uses EBC’s Green kart pads as he competes in this British Championship class

Young kart racer, Marcus Hudson is once again competing in the Super 4 British Championship for another season.

EBC’s Green kart pads and BF005.1 silicone fluid is the brake setup of choice for Hudson and his fiery ABKC 250cc National kart.

The latest round took the roadshow to Fulbeck Kart Club in Grantham, Lincolnshire, where they were faced with some of the most gruelling weather conditions possible.

Find out how he braved the storm in his own words below…

Heat 1 (Grid: 9th)

“The weather was awful, with heavy rain all morning. As we lined up for heat 1, the rain was very heavy and the circuit had a few rivers running across it.

“I made a good start and was briefly up to 7th heading down the straight off the grid but got hit in the side and this sent me off the circuit, bouncing across the grass but luckily parallel with the track.

“I rejoined in 16th. After two laps, I had made up two positions, it was difficult to pass as the visibility was very poor and at some parts of the circuit the kart was aquaplaning.

“On lap three, a kart ahead went off and we were up another position. Going onto the start straight, I bumped the kart in front as he was slower than expected, I noticed he was struggling with coming out of the corners, so later in the lap, I squared turn four off and got better traction out of the corner, making the pass up to 12th.

“The next lap I did the same manoeuvre, taking me to 11th place. We were now starting lap 5 and by the end of lap 6 was up to 9th, with one kart ahead retiring and I managed to pass another kart coming out of the first corner. The kart felt ok but after 8 laps the balanced change and I was now struggling with some understeer. Later in the race I was overtaken and we finished in 10th place.”

Heat 2 (Grid: 17th)

“Back in the paddock, we altered the kart to help with the understeer later in the race. The conditions were slightly better for heat 2 the visibility was better and the rivers across the circuit had drained. Throughout the race we made up 5 positions and finished in 12th.”

Heat 3 (Grid: 1st)

“The rain had finally stopped and the circuit was drying out very quickly; with other classes racing this helped to dry the circuit. I inspected the track and it was dryish all the way around, except for a small river just before the last corner – this was the only wet part of the circuit.

“I thought it may take a few laps for the heat to come in for the slick tyres then they would be better than being on wets. I thought all I need to do is take care just before the last corner and onto the straight and it would be ok. I made the decision to put the slick tyres on and we changed the kart for dry set up. I was on pole also for this heat and thought this is either going to be an excellent decision or we were in trouble.

“As we were on the dummy grid, I looked to see if anyone else had made the slick tyre decision and all 16 were on wet tyres. As I went out on the two formation laps, I thought it was a great choice as it was dry apart from the last corner section. I warmed the tyres up the best I could on the formation laps and keeping the pack close as I didn’t want to sit on the grid longer than needed. I did many burnouts onto the grid to keep the heat in the rear tyre.

“I made a good start – myself and second on the grid were neck and neck, but as we got to the first corner he had more grip and so did everyone else. I was struggling for traction on the slippery circuit, but I knew this I just needed to get the heat into the tyres and this should work. 

“Unfortunately, as I went across the small river on the last corner, I lost all grip and struggled to turn the kart. I didn’t go off but was close. As I ran across the water, the tyres cooled and all the heat I’d built up was lost. I was down to 15th and on lap two, two people went off ahead of me putting me 13th. Another kart went off a lap later so we were up to 12th and a lap later another kart went off so I’m now up to 11th – the only one on slicks.

“Half-way through the race and I was now lapping the same as everyone on wets. I was making good progress in the lap but as soon as I hit the water in the last corner all that I had gained in the lap I lost in that one part. Going into that section on the last lap I was overtaken putting me to 12th.


“By the time the final started, the entire circuit was dry so everyone was on slick tyres. We started in 12th place. After a few laps, I made a move on 11th into the first corner as the pack were getting away from me.

“The top 5 had made a gap on 6th, and from 6th to 12th was only separated by 2 seconds. For 6 laps there was nothing in it from 6th to 12th. Then, just before the last corner, 8th and 9th came together and went off the track. I managed to miss the spinning karts, moving up two places.

“With three laps left, 6th place who was the one holding us all up retired and I was now in 8th. A lap later with two laps left in the race, 6th, 7th and me were battling to gain positions. Coming out of turn four we all were trying different lines to pass and 6th engine cut out and he slowed quickly and 7th hit him up the back and I just managed to miss them both moving me up two places into 6th which is where I finished – 20 seconds ahead of 7th

“It was unfortunate that my gamble didn’t work in heat 3, but if it had have worked, we would have won easily! I was impressed that in heat 3 a few people span off the circuit and they were on wets and I didn’t spin off and was on slicks. Hopefully we get better weather for the next round!”