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The young motorsport star is competing in the Rotax Mini (Inter) class for 2024

11-year-old Max Wheatley competed in the Rotax Mini (Inter) class across the UK in 2023 at various events, achieving impressive results throughout.

For 2024, the class has evolved to the Euro-Spec class, where Max continues to use EBC Brakes’ brake pads in his 125cc Rotax kart.

The second race of the year was a big one: the three-day ‘Long Weekender’ at Northamptonshire-based Whilton Mill, where Max successfully carried out no less than four heats across the weekend.

You can read how he got on below in his team’s own words.

Heat 1 :

“Heat 1 saw Max staring 9th, making up a few places on the start but after being hit up the back, spinning and then re-joining in 21st. Having to push hard on a wet greasy track making it back up to 13th, however after out-braking himself and ending up on the mud, he lost a few places dropping him back to 16th. Again, trying hard to made up places and ended Heat 1 in 13th.”


  • Practice 1 ~ 8th
  • Practice 2 ~ 2nd
  • Practice 3 ~ 7th
  • Heat 1 – 9th ~ 13th

Heat 2 :

“Heat 2 saw Max starting 2nd, taking the lead on the first lap! Due to being off the pace a little, he dropped to 6th but had some good battles on track. After penalties the LCR driver finished 4th!”

Heat 3 :

“Max started heat 3 in 27th, getting a really good start – making up 13 places in the first two laps! By lap 5, Max was in 10th position, finishing Heat 3 in 9th position!”

Heat 4 :

“In Heat 4, Max started in 24th, getting another really good start. By lap 2, Max had made up 9 positions to 15th, continuing to push every lap. He finished Heat 4 in 9th place, making up a total of 15 positions! Amazing drive by Max throughout day two of the Whilton Mill Long Weekender.”


  • Practice 4 ~ 4th
  • Heat 2 – 2nd ~ 4th
  • Heat 3 – 27th ~ 9th
  • Heat 4 – 24th ~ 9th


“For the final day at Whilton Mill, Max took on the Pre-Final and Final against a very tough 34-kart grid! Max started the Pre-Final in 8th, getting a good start, however he got spun, causing him to drop to 26th. By lap 2, he had made his way back to 19th, putting his head down and pushing he managed to finish in 10th position.

“For the Final, Max started in 10th, dropping two positions on the start, and by lap 3 he was back in 10th. Continuing to push every lap the LCR driver managed to get into 6th place and held it for a few laps. On lap 17 of the 14 minutes race Max managed to set his fastest lap of the weekend – 47.89.”


  • Warm up practice ~ 7th
  • Pre Final – 8th ~ 10th
  • Final – 10th ~ 7th

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