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It was a rollercoaster of a weekend for the Team Redmist driver in his Nissan Silvia

Team Redmist pro drifter, Stuart Egdell, is continuing his partnership with EBC Brakes as he once again carries out another season of the British Drift Championship [BDC] in the Pro 2 class.

Egdell drives a ferocious Nissan S14A Silvia, with a Toyota 2JZ engine swap, once again using EBC’s GD discs and Yellowstuff pads on this vehicle during the season.

The second round of the championship took the roadshow to Scotland’s Driftland circuit. Stuart explains how the weekend went down in his own words below.

“The other weekend we had the long-haul trip up to Scotland to the UK’s only purpose-built drift circuit – Driftland.

“Yet again, the weather blessed us, with brilliant sunshine and three dry days of tyre-smoking action!

“We kicked off on Thursday evening with the media night, taking out the team in the passenger seat for some decent laughs and showing them the inside view of the circuit.

“Friday was open practice; we spent a good part of the day dialling in the line and practicing my chase line later on when I was comfortable and confident.

“The crowds started pilling in on Saturday morning. The Scots are amazing and bring a certain vibe to an event you don’t find elsewhere.

“We started the practice session where we left off – tweaking the line after the judges’ briefing, making sure I was in all the right zones, carrying the pace and fulfilling the judges’ criteria.

“After a small break, I was straight out for qualifying, doing what I practiced all day. I laid down my best attempt at a high-scoring run. I was slightly shallow on the wall and ran a C-line through clip 3. The judges’ scores came in in and I got a 73-point run. Not what I was expecting as I firmly believed I had delivered a better line than rewarded.

“For the second run, I pushed just a bit too hard, miss-shifted on the run-up to the entry, then struggled to drop deep enough into clip 2 and 3 as I wasn’t carrying the pace required to improve my first run. Even with the low score gained on my first run, I was in the show.”

“The top 32 battle was against Craig McLeod – the local man on his home track. Craig had been driving very well all day, qualifying fifth meaning he was the lead driver and went first.

“I knew Craig was fast, I knew he was confident and I expected him to be on-point.
So, on the start line, I was psyching myself up, thinking when I got the signal I needed to be off that line sharpish to keep with him, concentrating on the signal, focusing on pinning it straight off the line.

“I was flat-out off the line, slamming through the gears, picking up speed along the straight up towards the entry. As I was approaching the start of the scoring zone, I didn’t drop in behind craig as I was expecting him to speed up and enter just in front of me along the famous Driftland wall, however my predictions weren’t quite as I planned.

“Just as we were about to enter, Craig flicked across to the middle of the track and I was just 50cm too far forward. We made contact and I ended up coming off the track, giving Craig the advantage.

“With me in the lead, I laid down my fastest, best line of the weekend, hoping he made the mistake behind me, but unfortunately however much of a run I gave him, I’d sealed the deal with my zero on the first run, and with no mistakes from Craig, he advanced to the top 16 and my weekend ended there.

“Round 3 of The British Drift Championship is at Teesside; I’d love to see you all there!”

Connect with Stuart Egdell for more news and information:

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