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Upcoming SR-Series sintered race pads were tested on Audi R8 race car, with extremely positive results

The US-based McCann Racing team had been battling with brake issues that were causing some nasty vehicle behaviours.

All year, they said they have been attempting to correct a brake-induced snap oversteer situation during trail braking and inconsistent ABS activation but couldn’t find a brake pad with acceptable characteristics… until they tried EBC Brakes Racing’s all-new SR-Series sintered race pads, that is.

McCann Racing decided to try the SR-Series pads on their Audi R8 LMS GT4 race car that competes in the IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge (in the GS class), with hopes for a cure. The venue chosen for testing was the ‘Virginia is for Racing Lovers’ event at Virginia International Raceway, amidst a wet race weekend. No changes were made to the vehicle besides popping in a full set of SR pads.

After running the full one-hour practice session with SR-21 in the front and SR-11 in the rear, there were nothing but good things to be reported. The drivers felt there was more braking torque and initial bite available, but still the brakes offered excellent modulation.

More importantly, SR had solved their snap oversteer issue through excellent pad release. Not only was the release issue resolved, but they could now activate ABS and stay in it which resulted in a much more settled and predictable car. Rotor temperatures appeared to peak up to 800°C over the course of the practice session, but the pads took it in their stride, with less than 0.5mm of wear.

Take it from the drivers themselves: “It was the best the car has ever felt”

EBC Brakes Racing looks forward to working with Team McCann Racing in their next season as we continue to support them and their efforts.


To find out more about EBC Brakes Racing’s all new SR-Series sintered race pad range, please click here.

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