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The new EBC Extra Duty Plus range is targeted and tested to be the most powerful truck brakes you can buy.


These new UK-made premium pads include a full grade higher friction level, delivering more stopping power than typical stock pads, and certainly more than any lower-cost aftermarket products.

These pads carry the FMVSS friction rating of GG compared to most standard pads carrying the lower rating of FF or even FE. Therefore, a full grade higher in stopping power offers better initial braking when you first press the pedal and, most importantly, under heat load.

ED+ is now painted RED (compared to the former ORANGE-coded versions). The new ED+ pads are a great choice for lifted trucks and oversize tires.

If you run oversize tires or lifted suspension, this is a great product to use, providing increased friction over stock to compensate for changes in the vehicle setup. If you run standard tires or suspension, no problem—just enjoy the extra stopping power and the extended lifespan these pads offer

You can obtain ED+ from any Turn14 outlet, ask at any quality independent parts store or buy online at these vendors;