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EBC-equipped kart racer achieved impressive results at Kimbolton recently

Marcus Hudson is currently competing in the 2022 Northern Karting Federation Super 4 Championship.

Following a good first round at Fulbeck, the series next took him to Cambridgeshire’s Kimbolton recently, where the racer continued his consistently solid driving to achieve 6th overall across the weekend.

Hudson uses EBC Brakes’ Green kart pads and BF005.1 silicone fluid on his ABKC 250cc National kart. You can read how the weekend unfolded in his own words below.

“Saturday’s practice didn’t go too well, with some issues hindering the team’s progress. We managed to get to the bottom of the issue, but this meant we only managed one clean session out of the six, which put us on the back foot for the following day’s racing as we didn’t have any time setting the kart up for the circuit.

Heat 1 (grid: 11th)

“Off the start, I got up to 8th and was battling through Stow corner. Going into Willows, I got hit onto the sausage kerb on the exit which unsettled the kart and lost me momentum going onto the back straight, losing the passes I made up off the start. On the next lap, I made a move going into Stow on the inside and took a place, which I also repeated the following lap. A couple of laps later, there was a slow-moving kart ahead which then pulled off the circuit retiring. Then later in the race made up another position.

Heat 2 (grid: 9th)

“In the heat, the kart wasn’t as stable at the rear as I would have liked and tried all race long to get past fellow drivers but couldn’t find a way by.

Heat 3 (grid: 2nd)

“We altered the setup of the kart slightly to help with the handling for heat 3 and this worked well. I managed to secure 4th place – just over five seconds ahead of 5th.


“In the final, I was battling for 5th place and was right behind 5th and 6th. Near the end of the race got 6th. Then I set my sights on 5th and with three laps left was all over the kart in front but unfortunately yellows flags were out at the two places where I was a lot stronger and I had to settle for 6th place. 

“I was annoyed with the result in the final as we could have had 5th if it wasn’t for the two corners that had yellow flags waving, but considering where we were at the end of practice Saturday, the results were good. Next stop is Shennington in Oxfordshire in June.”