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Ric ‘Crash’ Clements has been proudly acting as first responder for the WMRRA for several decades

The Washington Motorcycle Roar Racing Association (WMRRA) is a popular motorcycle race series held around Washington state each year.

Whilst riders come and go, there is always one familiar face at each WMRRA event – Ric ‘Crash’ Clements and his trusty Ford F-150 truck. Ric acts as first responder during incidents at these race meetings, and has done so for over 35 years.

Reaching out to EBC Brakes some years ago with the predicament that his previous braking setup could not keep up with his fast-paced and fully-loaded drives around the circuit, the team were happy to provide him with uprated braking components, spawning a partnership that has now lasted for several years.

You can read a little more about Ric’s history and his loyalty to the EBC brand in his own words below…

“My name is Ric Clements, and I’m known as ‘Crash’. I have been working as the crash truck driver for the WMRRA (Washington Motorcycle Roar Racing Association) since 1987. I am the driver of a ‘97 Ford F-150, for the sole purpose of first response and bike/rider recovery at the race track during these events.

“EBC Brakes has sponsored me since 2019. The way I have been treated by EBC Brakes from day one, I don’t feel like they are sponsoring me. I feel more like as a salesperson for them. My praise for this company, and their product often become the subject when talking at the track, and about the EBC signage on the side of the truck.

“My main issue before EBC was always warping rotors and fading brakes. I admittedly abuse my F-150 with both high speed and excessive weight in the bed of the truck. Quick response time = better rider’s safety. Our tracks in Washington state are basically one way on, one way off, a full 2.5+ mile lap needs to be covered every time I am needed on track. So, I come in HOT.

“I thank EBC for not only being an amazing company, and a company willing to sponsor someone that has spent a lifetime helping the people that use their products, but also for the quality, trust and support I have received from all at EBC Brakes. Their products make me better at my job, and I am very proud to have EBC Brakes signage on my truck when I am working.

“I do this job differently than how others do this job, and I hear that often. 35+ years (and counting) and never missing a race in Washington state for that time. My enthusiasm for the job and trying to find ways to always improve the race experience for all, is a passion. I am always trying to promote motorcycle racing and the clubs by getting the word out about us, and doing whatever I can to making it a more positive experience for all that participate.

“For the 2024 season, I will be again working all WMRRA hosted race days, and MotoAmerica when at the Ridge Motorsport on June 28-30, 2024, in Shelton, Washington.”