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Acclaimed fast road pad compound now available for the recently released BMW hot hatch variants

With their trick xDrive all-wheel drive systems and potent turbocharged engines, the recently launched BMW M135i hatchback and M235i Gran Coupe models have begun to prove themselves as particularly driveable and tuneable machines within the automotive world.

Owners who are especially interested in the way their vehicles perform will be pleased to learn that EBC Brakes now offers its acclaimed Yellowstuff high-performance brake pads for both the front and rear axles of these vehicles (as well as the BMW X2 (xDrive F39) M35i), with more product lines to follow for these applications in the near future (including updated discs).

Yellowstuff is a fantastic upgrade over OEM brake pads; still road legal and offering impressive cold bite, whilst reducing stopping distances and being more resistant to fade and high temperatures during more intense driving conditions.


EBC Brakes Yellowstuff

Ultimate Street Pads

  • EBC’s flagship fast road pad for all higher-powered cars and SUVs
  • Excellent cold bite and high temperature fade resistance
  • Drastically reduced stopping distances compared to OE equivalents
  • Progressive braking with unparalleled pedal feel

Ideal for: spirited street driving

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