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High-performance road/track brake upgrades now available for both front and rear axles of this newly launched sports car

EBC Brakes Racing is pleased to announce the launch of its acclaimed fully-floating two-piece discs (and high-performance brake pad options) for the new G87 BMW M2 – one of the first companies to readily offer aftermarket performance components for this highly-anticipated car.

The previous-generation M2 is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated sports cars of the last decade, and early reviews are suggesting its younger sibling – codenamed the G87 – offers more of the same perfect formula, meaning these vehicles are likely to be incredibly popular in the coming months and years.

With the M2 forming a great weekend road car and track day weapon, the news will likely be very welcoming for lucky enthusiast owners who are interested in unlocking more performance from their new machines.

The 380x36mm (front) and 370x24mm (rear) discs can be bolted directly on to the respective axles of these vehicles, offering impressive braking performance and longevity, particularly when driven hard on road and track. There’s also the option of Yellowstuff and Bluestuff road-legal brake pads, and RP-1™ and RP-X™ track/motorsport brake pads, to push braking performance further still.

EBC Brakes Racing Fully Floating Two-Piece Discs 

– EBC’s 380x36mm (front) and 370x24mm (rear) two-piece fully floating discs are a simple bolt-on upgrade that seamlessly replace the original brake discs without vehicle modification.

– EBC’s SG2F fully floating disc allows the outer cast-iron friction ring to expand freely with temperature, totally eliminating warping.

– Discs are grooved to allow the pad to vent without drilled holes, which can become epicentres for disc cracking.

– Race-derived G3500-grade high-carbon cast iron is used for the friction rings. This high-quality metallurgy possesses greater crack resistance and an increased ability to conduct and then dissipate heat.

– Aluminium bells are machined from aerospace-grade aluminium and then hard anodised for longevity, whereas the stock brake discs use uncoated cast aluminium bells.

– Cast iron friction rings feature 48 curved vanes and are handed for each side of the vehicle. This significantly improves the brake disc’s ability to dissipate heat, increasing brake system endurance and prolonging the onset of brake fade.

– Bobbins are machined from stainless steel which cannot rust, ensuring the disc continues to float freely throughout its entire life cycle on the vehicle, even on road cars.

– Spring clips ensure totally silent operation and eliminate off-brake disc rattle.

– Friction rings can be replaced individually after they have become worn, allowing the

aluminium bell and stainless-steel bobbins to be re-used, leading to lower long-term operating costs.

– Now featuring the latest thermic black corrosion-resistant finish–the very latest in rust prevention.

EBC Brakes/EBC Brakes Racing High-Performance Brake Pad Range

– To complement the uprated floating discs, EBC Brakes is pleased to also offer a range of four different brake pad compounds for this vehicle – all available for both the front and rear axles.

– The range spans from road-going Yellowstuff and Bluestuff compounds through to EBC Brakes Racing’s popular RP-1™ and RP-X™ track/motorsport formulas – please contact your local EBC stockist for more information about which setup is right for your driving style.


Part Number: SG2F022 (front) and SG2F026 (rear)

Product Type: Two-piece fully floating brake disc

Axle: Front and rear

Diameter/Thickness: 380x36mm (front) and 370x24mm (rear)

(Please refer to your stockist for further information on your selected brake pad choice).

– Available to buy now from (UK) and your local EBC stockist