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Egdell runs EBC Brakes Racing’s RP-X™ pads and GD discs in his 2JZ-powered S14A Nissan

Pro drifter, Stuart Egdell, continues his partnership with EBC Brakes as he once again carries out another season of the British Drift Championship [BDC] in the Pro 2 class.

Egdell’s formidable 2JZ-powered S14A Nissan Silvia features EBC Brakes Racing’s RP-X™ pads and GD discs – products which have helped him achieve impressive results in recent years.

As well as a successful season in the Pro 2 class of the BDC so far, Egdell has also attended various other events around Europe as a special guest, including the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Iron Drift King and Silverstone Festival recently.

You can read how his guests appearances at these events went down in his own words below.

Goodwood Festival of Speed

“So Goodwood Festival of Speed was a blast, with the car on display for the full event.

“I took the trip down there for the Sunday show, meeting drivers, fans and some of my idols! Goodwood is something else; crazy, crazy busy with so much to see and so much walking around involved, it’s so difficult to sum up an event like it!”

Iron Drift King

“We then got preparing the car for our trip to Germany for the Iron Drift King. Ferropolis Germany is an old disused mine site with monstrous iron machinery setting an amazing backdrop for what is probably the hardest and wildest event I have ever attended. Being run alongside Drift Masters, this event had a huge gathering of drivers, spectators and cars from all over the world.

‘This has been the hardest event for me to date, with extremely limited practice and immoveable concrete walls, the instant learning curve here was if you got it wrong, you got it wrong badly.

“Unfortunately, with my second practice lap, I ran slightly wide on entry, clipping the rear wheel on the wall, breaking the wheel and doing a small amount of damage to the rear and destroying a front bumper – all of this was fixable and we pushed on for our final practice.

“After getting only three or four good practice laps in, and finding the boundaries of the track, I pushed just a little too hard, sending the car backwards into the wall and destroying the rear end.

“The damage sustained destroyed the radiator, the whole rear crash structure, rippled the boot floor and bent various parts here and there.

“After trying several times to repair the radiator and get the car back to some sort of safe, usable fashion, we were defeated, with the competition that tough and many drivers suffering the same fate as us, we unfortunately had to bow out of competition, however it didn’t spoil our chances of meeting fans, signing autographs and talking to some of the best drivers in the world.

“This wasn’t the result we planned and certainly wasn’t how we wanted our trip to go, but unfortunately that’s just racing.”

Silverstone Festival

“Straight after Iron Drift King, we had three days to get the car back into some sort of car shape, getting a new radiator made and the bodyshop working miracles on the rear (thank you Paintec) and a next-day delivery from Strom with a replacement wheel meant we had the car looking and working like a car again, just in time for Silverstone Festival.

“Silverstone brought in huge crowds for this event, with our demos attracting massive amounts of spectators – the fan interaction was amazing!

“I was even lucky enough to take Jodie Kidd out for a quick demo whilst doing some filming work for ITV.”

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