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EBC Goes ECO Friendly With Its Auto Brakes Packaging

Replacing plastic bubble wrap and foam with recyclable paper for disc pad packaging is the next step for EBC in its contribution to the environment.

Never having used any dangerous fibers EBC materials are already ECO-friendly having removed all traces of sulphides still present in many competitor materials. AsO3, as it is known, is a nasty heavy metal that we replaced with bio-degradable non-toxic materials many years ago.

EBC Brakes are made 100% in the UK or USA from a range of several hundred blends of materials that conform to every mandatory health regulation and more.

Soon all EBC brake rotors will be boxed for shipment in fully recyclable cartons containing no varnish or laminated papers to make them easily recyclable.

Not just the best brakes out there but lots of forward-thinking going on for our futures.

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