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How Much Should Brake Pad Replacement Cost?

Depending on the vehicle, a simple brake pad replacement can cost between $150 and $1000. Here’s why:

First of all, this is a brake pad-only replacement, which many DIY enthusiasts can perform at home with the right tools and a little skill. However, these are safety-critical parts, so look online for installation advice before commencing work.

The component costs widely range, and always replace all four pads for either the front or rear at the same time. Here is what you can expect for your money:

Aftermarket Pads

  1. $25-50 for an axle set – Low-quality semi-metallic pads that can be noisy and dusty, and may not perform or last.
  2. $50-75 – Again, semi-metallic pads that can be noisy and dusty, and still may not have the attributes of a quality pad.
  3. $75-100 – Again, semi-metallic pads.
  4. $100-150 – A better grade of pad compound using aramid fibers or ceramic granule materials.
  5. $150+ – Premium pads that will last longer, perform better under heat and load, stop faster, run quieter, and not wear rotors as fast. A wise choice.

Dealer Supplied Pads

  1. Likely all above $250 an axle set just for the pads themselves, which are what your car is built with. In 99% of cases, these are semi-metallic pads with the above drawbacks, but the quality is decent.

Here’s the Catch

  1. Installation cost – Hourly rates at a dealer vary from $200 to $600 an hour. Considering simple pad replacement takes about 1.0 hour of a mechanic’s time, you can soon triple the cost of your brake job by having the pads dealer-installed.

So, if you are okay doing this at home and you understand that this is a safety issue and your life may depend on it, don’t ever buy cheaper grade pads and acquaint yourself with the work before starting.

There are always independent dealers out there to do the install work. The EBC main website has a “where to buy and where to install” map, and EBC, of course, only makes premium tested and certified brake pads in its own factories in the USA and UK.

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