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How to Choose the Best Brakes for My SUV

Don’t just replace them with off-the-shelf standard pads when you can take advantage of technological advances and even pay far less than the cost of dealer-supplied parts.

There are only two types of brake pads you can buy:

  1. Semi-Metallic Pads – These are what all cars are delivered with. They are cheap to make but can be noisy and dusty.
  2. Non-Metallic Pads  – Which include both Ceramic pads and an even higher grade known as an Aramid fiber pad.

British brake manufacturer EBC Brakes only makes Non-Metallic pads (both Aramid fiber and Ceramic pads). See below link to the various types of pads you can choose from the vast EBC range.

EBC Brake Pad Selector Tool

This chart shows three great choices not just to replace but upgrade and improve your brakes to give less dust, longer life, and more stopping power.

In Europe, where these pads are made, we have a brake safety regulation called ECE R90. Every vehicle on the roads is tested, and being approved guarantees that the EBC replacements are as strong or better than original pads (by up to 20% in grip).

There are literally no other pads made like this. EBC is one of the very few manufacturers that use the Canada-patented Nucap NRS pad retention system, which makes the pads safer and the bond strength to the backing steel unbreakable.

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With six in-house dyno test rigs, EBC is constantly researching and testing pad materials. We make every pad we sell, and every batch is tested rigorously.

If you want the best SUV pads money can buy, with safer pads, better-stopping distances, and super silent braking on any SUV, EBC Elite is a great choice.

EBC is a large and trusted supplier of brake components. Over 16 million brake buyers have selected EBC at the time of writing this article!