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Choosing brake pad upgrades for larger vehicles such as trucks can be difficult, but EBC Brakes is here to help

There’s a lot of choice when it comes to upgrading the braking components on your truck, but within the EBC range – one of the top brake manufacturers in the world – there are three great options specifically designed for this exact application.

All Three Options Feature:

  • 100% British-made brake pads
  • Copper-free to conform to new ECO laws and Prop 65
  • Shimmed, chamfered, and slotted for silent braking
  • EBC’s Brake-In Coating that seats pads super-fast

Brake Pad Line-Up


DP6000 Green-Series Pads

An Aramid-fiber, reduced-dust compound, designed as an entry-level sport upgrade for light trucks and SUVs. Medium-plus lifespan, these are great brakes with minimal rotor wear – better than stock with less dust and no noise. Please click here for more details.

Yellowstuff Pads

Similar bite to the DP6000, but with a higher heat threshold for drivers who might be pushing their vehicles a little harder in terms of load and speed. Please click here for more information on Yellowstuff pads.

ED+ Extra Duty Pads

If you have a truck running oversized wheels and tires, and feel your stock brakes are lacking in power after some upgrades, these will solve your problems. By ‘extra duty’, we don’t mean ‘extra life’, we mean ‘more braking power’. These pads have more bite than just about anything you will find, and provide powerful stopping power for oversized tire setups and lifted trucks, as well as trailing and towing machines. Please click here for a more detailed explanation on Extra Duty pads.

Whatever brake pads you choose, just make sure your rotors are in good condition before installation. If badly worn or grooved, bed-in times will be significantly extended and some noise whilst bedding into your worn rotors may occur.