EBC Extra Duty Light

Truck, Jeep & SUV Brake Pads

Want better stopping power and even longer life with zero noise? Then the EBC EXTRA DUTY Light Truck, Jeep and SUV brake pads are the solution.


The Extra Factor

The UK EFI Bristol factory of EBC Brakes has used new ECO friendly technology to develop a brake pad that has unusually high friction levels yet still has good manners for street use with brake effect being strong from cold when the brake is first applied. The race pedigree of the material used also guarantees effective stopping up to temperatures exceeding 1400 F well above the maximum experienced in heavy braking, towing or downhill descents.

So these are pads that have an extremely wide range of usability. Towing with loads often pushes brakes past their factory limits, in fact have you even checked if the stock brakes on your truck or SUV are good enough for extended towing and hill descents?

Winter testing in Ohio on a fleet five popular light trucks showed us the proof on cold braking in the worst wet and cold conditions where many performance brakes would not even start to show good brake effect.


New ED + Extra Duty Pad Features

  • Reformulated in 2022 to new ED Plus version to extend life even further than early versions.
  • British made, top quality product, free of all toxic and non ECO ingredients
  • Copper, lead and sulphide free to comply with environmental legislation
  • Backing plate steels feature NUCAP NRS system hook technology for 5 times the bond strength of conventional pads
  • Noise-free material with piston insert NUCAP insulator shims
  • Fade free brake material capable of a wide range of operational temperatures
  • Similar friction level or grip to original or stock pads but with high heat resistance and long life
  • Features red “brake in’ surface coating for instant safe braking after install
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The new carbon granule based EXTRA DUTY material is also extremely rotor friendly, minimal in dust and noiseless and each set is supplied with revolutionary NUCAP piston insert shims, another first from EBC.

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