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Want the ULTIMATE stopping power? The solution is then the EBC EXTRA DUTY ED+ Light Truck, Jeep and SUV brake pads.

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The Extra Factor

The most cost-effective way to boost your truck or SUV Brakes is with a change to a premium high friction pad. This is what ED+ is all about… more friction, more heat capability, longer life.

EBC Brakes is launching its Big Brake Kit range for trucks over the summer of 2022 but there is no reason not to first try the economic route to get more brakes with this premium pad upgrade. You may not NEED a BBK or even a larger rotor at all.

Made 100%  in the UK EBC Brakes factory from aramid fibers and a tiny amount of steel fiber the ED+ range is also kinder to rotors and dusting is minimal.

(Previously ED pads were orange in colour and these are still being sold until stocks rotate . Even as an excellent pad well accepted by thousands of customers if you receive orange grade and are not happy, contact www.perfectbrakes.com in the USA or www.ebcbrakesdirect.com in Europe who offer a free freight paid exchange to the newer grade which is red in colour. We are simply moving the technology forward as new materials come into view, there was and is nothing wrong with the orange previous grade… this one is just a tad better)

Here’s why

USA trucks using large outside diameter tyres pose a problem for brake systems as follows (this is not a criticism of the excellent work that Ford and Dodge do bringing us the superb trucks – it’s just an explanation of what happens with larger off-road tyres on a truck)

  1. The first problem is a thermal or kinetic energy issue on a heavy 2.3 ton high powered truck with 700 BHP plus where the heat of braking needs to be handled, pads get hotter so a high fade resistance – high stability pad needed (that’s why this graph shows a test at 400C/750F not lower )
  2. Let’s choose two vehicles, a Gen 6 Mustang and the TRX both with 380mm rotors, or the Raptor with its 350mm rotors. The tyre rolling radius on the Mustang is 13.5” and on the TRX it is 17.3″, that’s a huge 30% increase in rolling radius, and on the Raptor the tyre rolling radius is 16.5” which is a 22% increase over the Mustang.
  3. The final issue is a spongy brake pedal that can occur during heavy deceleration as the caliper has to do more work because of the larger tyre diameters.

The solution to all is a higher friction pad, reducing the need for higher pedal or caliper pressures

Extra Duty Pad Features

  • British made top quality product – new Red paint finish identifies the new grade AF 903/09
  • Backing plate steels feature NUCAP NRS system hook technology for 5 times the bond strength of conventional pads
  • After bedding ( up to 600-800 miles ) pads are silent
  • New dual slot and chamfer pattern to reduce noise and improve de-gassing.
  • Fade-free brake material capable of a wide range of operational temperatures
  • Pads should be allowed to seat to your discs/rotors with normal urban driving and then after 600-800 miles follow this by 15 medium to heavy brake applications to complete the bed-in and surface cure process.
  • More brake “grip” than stock and most low-cost aftermarket pads at less cost than original parts
  • Longer life than any other pad we have ever made and we think, longer life than anything else out there in the aftermarket, including stock pads
  • Features red “brake in’ surface coating for instant safe braking after install
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The new carbon granule based EXTRA DUTY material is also extremely rotor friendly, minimal in dust and noiseless and each set is supplied with revolutionary NUCAP piston insert shims, another first from EBC.

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