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As Europe’s number 1 hot hatch surely the best choice will be a European brake brand that makes 100% of its brakes right these in Europe.

ECE R 90 approved brake pads and rotors for the Golf R from EBC are quality parts that are hard to beat – Here’s why…


At EBC we don’t just sell brakes, we design and research, and MANUFACTURE EVERY PIECE.


With two manufacturing plants in the UK, one at Northampton making the calipers and brake rotors and a second at Bristol UK making high-quality pads.

The most accurate rotors you can buy, parallel to with a quarter of one-thousandth of an inch or ten microns, that is super accurate!

The perfect setup… TWO choices

Front rotors and pads only – Front fully floating SG2FC1877 front rotors made to the standard 340 mm diameter to allow the use of stock calipers and pads. Made with precision alloy centre hubs and G3000 or G3500 grey iron rotors, diamond ground and slotted surface finish topped off with either grey Geomet or Thermic Black rust prevention coating. Mounting buttons are the new patented EBC SD square-sided rivets that allow perfect expansion and contraction of the rotor blades under load, preventing all forms of vibration.

6 piston Apollo Balanced Big Brake Kit – includes Ultra powerful lightweight aluminium cast six-piston front calipers cast and machined right here in the UK using larger sweep beefy DP5006 series pads mounted on an oversize 355mm rotor in a tasty fully floating lightweight design. The Apollo-6 calipers were designed by the EBC Brakes Racing team. Designed using FEA analysis then pressure and load tested exhaustedly under stress at the EFI Dyno facility and then finally tested on both road and track rigorously for weeks on end covering thousands of miles to test for leaks and to dial in the perfect pedal feel. The EBC calipers offer many additional benefits shown here

EBC can also supply a cosmetically grooved and matched rear rotor for the Mk 7 part number SG7422. Stainless steel braided brake lines are available for front and rear to perfect pedal feel and feedback again made in the UK and fully pressure tested.

This kit will transform your Golf R from just having good brakes to having unbelievable stopping power, feel, and control. One word – Awesome!