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Let’s talk brakes and upgrade options on these great cars

PADS – On the GTi range – the MK6 and standard brake models of the MK7 featured 312mm rotors with four front pad variants, the GTi MK6 Performance package models including ‘R’ utilise a 345mm rotor and the GTi MK7  Performance package models including ‘R’ utilises a 340mm rotor.

Very roughly, pad sizes are;

  • GTi MK6 pads EBC DP41517R have a pad area of 10,000 sq mm
  • GTi MK6 pads on Performance package options Including ‘R’ EBC DP41594R have a pad area of 10,000 sq mm
  • GTi MK7 pads with standard brakes EBC DP42150R have a pad area of 10,500 sq mm so a small increase
  • GTi MK7 pads on performance package options Including ‘R’ EBC DP42127R have a pad area of 12,000 sq mm a good beef up

EBC offers a lot of compound choices for all the above vehicles;

  • Red for street sport low dust braking
  • Yellow for faster driving street and occasional track use
  • Blue for the Ultimate track and street combination pad
  • RP-1 and RP-X range for full track and race use are available for pad shapes 1517, 1594 and 2127

All four grades offer a vast upgrade in both performance and pedal feel with red, yellow, and blue offering super silent braking, red and yellow take a little longer to bed in than blue. Blue has the highest heat threshold out of all that can be used on both road and track. RP1/X is the ultimate upgrade for a full-blown track day and race use with a higher friction level and heat threshold again.

ROTORS –  All standard GTi/R rotors are solid types and a popular choice is to go for a fully floating two-piece rotor that saves weight and delivers smooth braking at speeds. EBC makes an SG2FC1877 floating rotor for both the MK7 GTi and R models.

These are not oversize rotors as the bracketry on this car will not allow it.

CALIPERS – If you are planning to change calipers, the EBC 6 pot (six-piston) calipers are a perfect choice, and use the EBC DP4006R which has over 12,000 sq mm  (so similar to the Mk 7 Performance package in pad area but a slightly shorter and deeper pad shape) and offer two piston size variants to match the different models as it is vital to match the fluid volume/travel with the OE systems – it’s not a case of “Bigger is Better”… hydraulics must balance.  You might need to take a look at our race catalog to get the specs right here.

The benefit of a 6 piston caliper is huge and the EBC versions top them all with the further benefit that the new EBC sintered SR race series pad can be used for the longest life in longer races


  • Three pistons’ outer and inner mean braking is perfectly balanced
  • Pads self-centralise within the caliper
  • Clamp load on both pads perfectly balanced, pads wear evenly
  • Staggered EBC pistons mean pads worn in a parallel fashion
  • No slider drag as dirt and rust or dust gets into the caliper
  • Dust seals keep pistons perfectly clean and lubed
  • High-temperature EPDM seals handle heat better than standard seals
  • Pads instantly release when releasing the brake meaning brakes run freely and do not overheat
  • EBC bridge system provides superb caliper rigidity
  • Double pin pad quick release from the top. No need to remove bolts as with sliding standard calipers which is tiresome and a hassle.
  • Industry-standard pad designs in two pad depth options to maximise the life
  • Easy quick view on top of the caliper to check pad wear inside and out
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