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The answer in one word, EBC… let’s explain why

  1. We Make 100% of our Motorcycle brakes in house

EBC owns four manufacturing plants, two in the UK and two in the USA, and makes all their brake pads in these plants including ALL the steel backing plates, either punched or laser.

We don’t just buy a commodity and whack it in a fancy skin pack and use hyperbole to attract consumers, we MAKE everything we sell and we make it perfectly.


  1. Were the biggest

EBC produces millions of sets of brake pads every year and as far as we know, were the largest motorcycle manufacturer of aftermarket brakes on the planet.


3) We have the largest variety of pad shapes and compounds

We make brake pads for everything with Tires on… we make multiple different blends for each category of commuter riding, adventure riding, Motocross ATV and UTV riding, superbikes, and road race bikes


4) We have massive, probably THE biggest R&D facilities

 With 8 dynamometers and 7  R&D chemists working full time at researching and improving brake pad blends – who can say the same? You know the quality is there and always will be.


5) We’re the most advanced in the business

With all this R&D and so many blends being researched we build brake pads better… simple as that. If we see a new competitor material, we buy that material, we look at what’s going on and test it and if we can learn anything… just as a cross-check that we are still the number one provider.


6) Were the safest

With in-house steel backing plate production, 100% of our organic and carbon pads are made using the patented Nucap NRS hook technology that guarantees perfect bond and shear strength, or our HH and R/SV series pads are literally welded (Brazed) together on copper plates back plates – pads falling off backplates is a thing of the past at EBC


7) Were reliable and worthy of your trust

EBC has been around for 40 years and has thousands of distributors around the world all of whom are committed to the brand and will support and warranty everything you buy. We support those distributors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and always will do.

See this link for how to make your choice for the perfect brake pads and rotors for your ride