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Best Racing Brakes

For 40 years of ICE engines and track racing brakes have been a critical component. If you have watched the movie Ford V Ferrari which was back in 1966 you will remember that Ken Miles suffered dramatic brake failures which we understand were the pads themselves.

So brake pads are THE most critical race component to get right and here is how to do that.

The le Mans race, one of the toughest in the world has long challenged brake pad designers but here at little old EBC, we think, at last, we have a great solution… its called SR, its made in the USA, it is THE most awesome brake material built and we know you will love it… that is if you even need to go right to the top in price, durability and heat capability that the SR series offers.

There are many forms of racing for both cars and motorcycles, so let’s start the selection process like this;

Basic start, use the EBC pad selector for an initial guide, the link steps on to heat fade details and wear parameters but here is our comparison table of data used in our “Spider” diagrams that details the performance of our race target products

(note that EBC Greenstuff is not included although many lighter cars use this for hill climbs and similar race events. Redstuff is also not included here as it is NOT a race or Trackday material. Yellowstuff is also left out due to its longer bedding time but Yellow was used for years in many drift races and still is used there.)

One important thing for drivers to understand is,  “Where is EBC coming from?” as there are many people “Offering”  brake pads for up-to-race use that don’t even make them. If we listed the big names who buy their brakes from others and don’t even make them we would be sued over the horizon so let’s just say that EBC BRAKES MAKES 100% OF ITS BRAKE PADS IN ITS OWN FACTORIES IN THE UK OR THE USA…..

We know brake pads, we make over 800 brake compounds, we possess 7 dynamometers for brake pad testing, and 8 full-time R and D engineers. We also make most of our own steel backing plates for race pads from the laser-cut stainless steel versions used on all our RP series pads built with the patented Nucap NRS hook technology that we also apply in our OWN PRESSWORKS to the laser cut copper plated backing steels for the USA made SR series.

An example of our RP range below

EBC are your brake pad professionals and more!